Probhat Layout for OS X

Probhat Layout for OS X

The Probhat layout is redesigned by Ankur. Most of the Linux distro are including this layout with their latest releases. And it has been real easy using Probhat on Windows using Avro.

Since OS X supports custom keylaout files, I created this layout based on the original Probhat layout.

There may have been similar Probhat keylaouts around there, but this one supports OS X actions using the following hotkeys.


Which means, even when Probhat layout is activated, you can hit ⌘+A to select all, ⌘+C to copy, ⌃+D to send EOF or other ⌘+⌥ combinations.


Run the following command in Terminal.

curl | sudo bash

Then enter your password so the installer script can copy the necessary files to /Library/Keyboard\ Layouts directory.


  1. Reboot, or log out and log in again after installing.
  2. Open System Preferences. Then go to Language & Region > Keyboard Preferences > Input Sources.
  3. Click the + sign, then select Others > Probhat with Bangladeshi flag.
  4. Get back to Keyboard Preferences > Shortcuts > Input Sources and turn on Select the previous input source with shortcut key ⌘+Space.
  5. Now you will see Probhat on input method list on menu bar.

    Probhat Input

  6. Hit any text editor, browser, Facebook or whatever, press ⌘+Space and start typing Bangla in Probhat!

    Bangla in Text Editor


Send bugfixes or commits to mdminhazulhaque/probhat-osx


This keyboard layout is available under the MIT license.