Extract Attachments from RAW Email

Extract Attachments from RAW Email

I couldn't download any attachment from Gmail for the last couple of days. The problem might be with my ISP or my router's MTU who knows. So I tried to download the attachments embedded in the RAW email.

First I opened the RAW email from any mail's "Show Original" menu. Then a page with the attachments appeared encoded in base64 encoding. This page may be huge in size as all your attachments are embedded there. Save the page as email.txt.

Download mpack package using apt or rpm or pacman.

sudo apt-get -y install mpack

This is what I used on my Kubuntu system. Then I navigated to the directory I saved the email.txt file and fired up the munpack command.

minhaz@minhaz-desktop ~/download> munpack email.txt
Database.zip (application/zip)
www.zip (application/zip)
nginx.zip (application/zip)
minhaz@minhaz-desktop ~/download>

You will then find the attachments extracted to that directory.