Driver for ICatch PC Camera for Windows 7

Driver for ICatch PC Camera for Windows 7

Atlast I found a solution to make a very old webcam work on Windows 7 x64. This is a webcam I found from my friend.

The device is plug-and-play on Linux. I tested it on Kubuntu 12.04. When plugged in, lsusb returns the following information.

Bus 002 Device 012: ID 04fc:0561 Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd Flexcam 100

I noticed that the device has several product names. Like,

  • JTech IC100
  • ICatch PC Camera
  • Sunplus SPCA-561

Whatever, I did search for its driver and found a very old file supporting windows 98/xp. The driver did not work on Windows 7 x64. I tried forced and XP-SP3 mode. But no gain.

Then somewhere out there in the internet, I got the working driver and capturing application for it. It has driver for Windows Vista and 7 (may work on Windows 8 also!).

Download ICatch PC Camera Driver

  • After installing and plugging in the device, a success dialog pops.
  • Then open VLC, hit Open Capture Device and choose ICatch PC CAMERA.
  • Also, the tool from Sunplus can also be used. Just open it.
  • Using the device from Linux is very easy. Just install Cheese and open /dev/videoN with it.